Bike Hire

The variety of bike hire in Costa Blanca is fantastic and with such wonderful weather bikes are the perfect way to get about when on holiday. Cycling is extremely popular here and you will often see professional competition riders from all over Europe training on the excellent roads which offer all sorts of riding conditions, from the predominantly flat service roads that run alongside canals, to steep challenging mountain roads where the views are spectacular and the air crisp and clean. For the very ‘unprofessional' and unfit rider who wants to experience the thrills of windy mountain roads without having to tackle the uphills, the Downhill Bike Ride is an exhilarating 30 kilometre downhill ride through Benidorm's beautiful mountains.

What Bike To Choose

When it comes to bike hire in Costa Blanca there is something for everyone, especially in the larger popular cities like Benidorm. You will find bikes for hire in just about every village, town and city, but Benidorm really pushes the boundaries with tandem cycles, four seater buggy bikes, kids bikes, baby and pet bike trailers, electric bikes and even the crazy Benidorm Beer Bike. This is basically a bar on wheels with pedals under the bar stools so the beer swilling passengers can all help power the contraption. The more common bike hire in Costa Blanca is available everywhere, even from some of the hotels and includes mountain and road bikes for kids, men and women, as well as a selection of professional training bikes for serious riders.

What's Included

Again, this depends on the individual bike hire companies where, in some you may just find one or two basic mountain bikes that may come with a helmet, and in other more established firms you will be offered a great choice of bikes that come with free delivery and collection, helmets, pump, water bottle holder, tool kit, spare tube and a range of optional extras like child seats.

Benidorm Sightseeing Bus

For most people just arriving for a holiday in a sunny seaside town or city, exploring the area and getting started on their tan is a priority; well you can do both when you take a journey on the open top Benidorm Sightseeing Bus.