Aqua Park Flamingo

Taking its name from the colourful residents of the nearby salt lakes, Aqua Park Flamingo is a compact yet fun water park situated in the La Siesta residential area of Torrevieja. Set in lovely tropical gardens, the park has been designed around a central lake style series of pools that flow into one another with tunnels and bridges, islands, rocks and fountains that are surrounded by comfortable sun bathing and chill out areas. Free parking and sun loungers are available and there is a variety of services including qualified lifeguards and first aid.

Aqua Park Flamingo Attractions

Slides – Throughout the park are a selection of exciting water slides with something to suit all ages. The parks two highest slides for individual use without tubes sit side by side and descend to the pool below in a series of drops, twists and turns. One is fully enclosed, creating a dark tunnel where riders can only anticipate when the next drop or turn is coming up.

The highest and most popular slide at Aqua Park Flamingo is shaped like a huge ‘U' where riders on single or double tubes hurtle down one side and just hope their velocity slows down enough on the upward journey that they don't fly off the top! (just kidding there is a barrier) Throughout the parks pools there are also fun slides for the younger children.

Pools – When not running up stairs and hurtling down slides, visitors can choose from a selection soft and alcoholic drinks served in the cafe/bar where a choice of snacks are also on offer. Once refreshments are chosen and hungry tummies are filled, visitors can laze around the parks crystal clear pools or sit and enjoy a water massage in the relaxing Jacuzzi.

Opening Times – Aqua Park Flamingo is open June to September from 11:00 – 18:00 and the cafe/bar is open daily from 12:30 – 16:00

Aqua Natura

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