Aside from its many miles of golden sand beaches, the Costa Blanca's diverse coastline boasts soaring cliffs, craggy coves and hidden sea caves which provide the perfect terrain for the thrilling sport of coasteering. Thrill seekers and adventurers are forever pushing the boundaries of their abilities, and once mastering one extreme sport are always looking for a new challenge that will test them to their limits. What do you do once you've mastered rock climbing, abseiling, canyoning, zip line and cliff diving; well that's easy, just combine them all into one exciting package and call it coasteering.

The Art of Coasteering

First envisioned in the early 1970's in a book titled Sea Cliff Climbing, the sport didn't take off commercially until the 1990's when it was first practised along the rugged Welsh coastline. Its popularity has increased steadily since then and the sport is now practised worldwide, with many adventure tour operators incorporating it into their activity itineraries.

Coasteering can take place wherever the sea meets a rugged shoreline, commonly called the ‘impact zone' where there is a mixture of challenges to overcome such as cliffs, gullies, reefs, rocks and incoming waves. Usually no climbing equipment is used, although some adventure tour companies may incorporate a bit of abseiling or have set up fixed aids such as zip lines to make it easier for non professionals to enjoy the sport. Wherever you decide to try this adrenaline inducing sport, expect a bit of hiking, rock scrambling, climbing, swimming and cliff jumping, or diving for the more adventurous.

Costa Blanca Coasteering

La Bocana – Based in Torrevieja's marina, La Bocana Water Sports Centre offer a selection of water sports and activities to suit all ages and also run the popular La Bocana Cable Ski. Their 4 hour coasteering excursion takes in some of Torrevieja's spectacular coastline and offers participants an exciting mix of adventures.

Tramuntana Aventura – Based in the port of Alicante on Mulle Pte. 6, Tramuntana provide all the necessary equipment for the 4 hour adventure which includes a combination of hiking, climbing, water jumps from 1 – 7 metres, exploring potholes and snorkelling.

Marco Polo Expediciones – Based in Benidorm on Av. de Europa 5, Marco Polo pick up their clients from their city accommodation and include a wetsuit, life jacket and helmet for their 4 hour adventure but do not supply swimming shoes or booties.

Xabia Activa – Based in Javea on Av. del Mediterráneo, Xabia offer all sorts of exciting adventure tours both on land and at sea, and their coasteering extreme activity is for a minimum of 4 persons and can be combined with canyoning as part of a package deal.

Coach Day Tours

Some visitors to the Costa Blanca are happy to spend days around the hotel pool, head to the beach and enjoy a bit of wining & dining in the evenings, others prefer to hire a car and explore further afield, but there is a more relaxed