Costa Blanca Supermarkets

The range of supermarkets to be found in Costa Blanca are comparable, if not greater than those found in the United Kingdom. There is also an abundance of excellent street markets, and many Spanish locals will do their weekly fresh produce shopping at a street market where they will haggle furiously for the best price possible, often paying much less than in a supermarket. The thing is, other than fresh produce and maybe delicatessen products, the street markets don't offer all the countless other daily necessities to be found in supermarkets.

Foreign Supermarket Chains

Among the choice of supermarkets to be found in most of the larger Spanish towns and cities are a selection of foreign owned ones where holidaymakers are more likely to find a wider range of imported products. Lidl and Aldi are popular German owned supermarkets that are run with typical German efficiency and are well stocked, with excellent fresh produce departments and a good choice of organic products.

The French owned Carrefour also have a number of large ‘hypermarkets' where, other than a great selection of grocery items, also have extensive range of homeware, gardening and DIY goods, clothing, electrical goods and electronics. They also have regular promotions and two for one deals, as well as excellent opening times. Finally, the much loved British supermarket Iceland have a select few branches in Costa Blanca stocking all the goodies from home for the many British and Irish holidaymakers to the area.

Spanish Supermarket Chains

The Spanish supermarkets are generally very well stocked with both local and a selection of imported goods, although all products except the obvious imported ones are labelled in Spanish making it a bit of a challenge for foreign customers. Having said this, with the majority of grocery products we can see what we're buying so generally have a good idea what is what.

Courtesy and a smile go a long way when dealing with Spaniards, who I find are ever so helpful in all the supermarkets I have visited, if a bit limited with their English vocabulary. With a predominantly healthy Mediterranean diet, not many Spanish like prepacked food and the often tasteless microwave meals, and tend to do a lot of their grocery shopping in the wonderful fresh produce departments. All supermarkets both foreign and local have slightly varying opening hours but a general rule of thumb is 09:00 – 09:00 Monday to Saturday and closed Sunday.

Supermarkets On The Costa Blanca

  • Alcampo
  • Aldi
  • Carrefour
  • Consum
  • Dialprix
  • Jumerca Gama
  • Iceland
  • Lidl
  • Masymas
  • Mercadona
  • Super Valu
  • Supercor