Altea Tuesday Marketa

Leather goods are usually excellent quality and great value in Spain, and one of the best places to pick up a bargain when visiting the Costa Blanca is Altea Tuesday Market. There are markets to be found practically every day of the week in this glorious part of Spain and indeed, many of the British and northern European expats staying here make a living travelling to the different markets each week to sell their wares, and at the same time browse the stalls for that rare find.

Located on Cami de l'Algar to the north and at the top of the town centre, the market is open every Tuesday from 08:00 – 14:00 and surprisingly, for the size of the town, the Altea Tuesday Market is one of the largest on the Costa Blanca. For visitors staying in nearby Benidorm there is a regular bus service (number 10) every 15 minutes to Altea which stops within an easy walk to the market. For visitors from other areas of the Costa Blanca, just head along the N-332 coastal road and once in the town there are a number of roads that will take you to the market.

Market Stalls

Many visitors to Spain's markets end up making one or two impulse buys that they could have found in the shops or markets in their home country for a similar price, so have really just wasted valuable luggage space. Rather seek out things that are native to or cheap in Spain such as the fantastic varieties of olive oil, traditional sweet treats like the local nougat, hand made embroidery items, colourful local pottery, and of course as mentioned before, the superb quality leather goods such as jackets, belts, shoes, handbags, purses, wallets and hats, all of which can be found at Altea Tuesday Market. Other market stalls include fresh produce, new and second hand clothing, home and kitchenware, electronics, mobile phone accessories, fashion accessories, jewellery, trinkets, toys, sweets and delicious delicatessen products.

Around Town

There is no better time to visit Altea than market day, which seems to be a time in many Spanish towns and villages for the locals to don their good clothes and catch up with friends in one of the cafes or tapas bars for a bit of gossip. There is a distinct air of joviality, and a walk down the hill will take you to the town centre where the bars and restaurants usually add a few more tempting dishes to their regular menus in order to make the most of the passing trade. After satisfying the hunger visitors can spend the day on the beach or enjoy some water sports.