Carmen del Campillo Tea House

Exploring the beautiful Costa Blanca is a delightful experience and every now and then you come across a place so special it leaves an everlasting impression; such is the truly enchanting Carmen del Campillo Tea House. Must have been great tea you may ask yourself, but no although the choice of refreshments and snacks are always good, it's the magical aura of the place that captivates the imagination.

A Garden of Magic

Situated near the small town of Crevillent and just a short drive inland from Torrevieja, when you step through the hidden gate of Casa Morisca you could forgive yourself for thinking you were on a film set for Arabian Nights. Internal courtyards lead to secluded bougainvillea shrouded terraces, tiny staircases invite one to explore further, Persian rugs adorn intimate seating areas and candle lit walkways meander through flower scented gardens.

Throughout the gardens of Carmen del Campillo Tea House are pergolas, archways, fountains and rockeries, all adorned with lush tropical plants and inter-spaced with tiny terraces, nooks and crannies where secluded courtyards offer wonderful tranquillity. Such is the beauty of Casa Morisca's gardens, many visitors never venture inside; but that would be a shame.

Enter the Magic

Whether you choose to relax in the gardens, enjoy the views from one of the balconies or find a comfy spot inside, there is no need to go in search of a menu as, in true Carmen del Campillo Tea House style, one of the obliging staff will eventually find you and take your order. Teas are served in glasses from authentic decorated urns and there is a good selection of coffees, thick creamy milkshakes and a wonderful array of snacks and delicate pastries.

The inside of Casa Morisca is just as enchanting and a maze of small courtyards and ornate archways leading to private seating areas strewn with colourful rugs and cushions. Stain glass windows, wrought iron lamps, mosaic tiles and intricate tapestries all add to the wonderful peace of the place.

Arts & Crafts

Collectors and antique dealers visiting Carmen del Campillo Tea House could quite easily spend the day wondering the many rooms, lounges and hallways that flow through the building, all adorned with beautiful pieces of art, huge examples of pottery and cast iron cook ware, brass and bronze urns, delicate china and hundreds of other interesting items of bric a brac.

All Lit Up

Visiting the tea house at night when the gardens, terraces and buildings are all lit up is like walking into a fairy tale, and the owners want their guests to experience this magic so remain open until after midnight.

All the pathways and terrace seating areas through the gardens are romantically lit, while Bedouin tents scattered with cushions and the sound of crickets add to the romance. The indoor lounges and dining areas have a warm glow with the light reflecting off all the copper ware and whether inside or out, if there is a chill in the air blankets are always offered.

Calpe Festivals

Situated in the north of the Costa Blanca, the coastal town of Calpe is a pleasure to visit at any time of the year, but for guaranteed fun and excitement the best time to visit is during one of the Calpe Festivals.