Transport options in some parts of the Costa Blanca can be somewhat limited, and add to that the language barrier many of us face when using local public transport, problems can arise. Having said that, getting to and from all areas of the the Costa Blanca when travelling by air is relatively quick and easy, with two international airports, well spaced so that depending on which airport you fly into, if you have chosen correctly, you shouldn't be more than an hour's drive from your accommodation. Road transport throughout the area is excellent and there is a limited rail service to some parts of the Costa Blanca, mainly used by locals in the ‘know'.


The larger Alicante International Airport lies just outside the city and is conveniently situated right in the middle of the Costa Blanca. This puts it within an hour's drive to Dénia in the far north and also an hour's drive to Pilar de la Horadada in the far south. The airport is modern and efficient, servicing a good variety of airlines, and has a choice of international car hire companies within the terminal buildings, as well as a number of buses to many of the Costa Blanca's towns and cities which is a handy transport option for those on a tight budget.

The smaller Murcia-San Javier Airport is located in the south and is very handy for visitors to the popular resort area of Orihuela Costa and neighbouring Torrevieja. The airport is a pleasure to use with most passengers out the doors and on their way within 30 minutes of stepping off the plane, unless you choose to stop at the quaint outdoor bar for a quick pint before your journey to your accommodation. A smaller choice of car hire companies can be found, but one major drawback to the airport is its total lack of any bus service, so unless you're being picked up or hire a car, you've a pretty expensive taxi fare to pay.

Car Hire

Holidaymakers hiring a car or those with access to a private vehicle will find the roads and motorways in Costa Blanca a pleasure to drive on and follow very convenient routes. The AP-7 motorway, although it has tolls, stretches the entire length of the Costa Blanca and way beyond, as does the National N-332 coastal road which passes through a number of towns but offers some wonderful sea views. There are also a variety of other roads that service the inland areas.

A good choice of international car hire companies offer a popular transport option and are available from both airports as well as most of the cities and larger towns. Savings on car hire may be possible should you choose to hire your vehicle from an independent car hire company, some offering long term hire during the winter months for as little as 60€ per week. Just bear in mind if choosing one of these companies, there may be hidden costs, vehicles may be in disrepair and of limited choice and their back up or roadside assistance could be a bit sketchy or not offered at all.


Taxis in general are modern vehicles, usually in excellent condition with large luggage space and always offer the option of a standard or modified people carrier for extra passengers or those using a wheelchair. Taxi ranks can be found at the airports, bus terminals, train stations, city centre locations, large shopping complexes and commercial centres. They predominantly operate on a meter and prices are slightly cheaper than in the UK. If taking a taxi from one of the airport terminals it is always best to use the services of the airports chosen taxi company to avoid the possibility of getting involved in an altercation between taxi drivers.


It is possible to use a variety of local bus transport to travel the entire length of the Costa Blanca coastline although the less popular inland areas offer a far more restricted service. Travelling between the three main cities of Alicante, Benidorm and Torrevieja is relatively easy and buses are regular, as are the bus services within the cities. Alicante Airport has regular bus services to a number of towns and cities on the Costa Blanca, but when travelling on any bus service it is always a good idea to learn a few relevant words in Spanish and to purchase your ticket before boarding as priority boarding is given to ticket holders first.