Alicante Wine Tour

While the majority of Costa Blanca's attractions can be visited by car, you certainly don't want to visit a winery when driving so why not try an Alicante wine tour on your next holiday. Indeed, when visiting places on holiday many of us will stop for a bite to eat and fancy a couple of glasses of wine or beer to wash it down, but unless you want to chance being stopped by the local police, an allocated driver is necessary and not much fun.

Mandarinablue Tours are located in Alicante and have a wealth of local knowledge which they bring to their fun and interesting tours. Alicante is blessed to be in the heart of three wine growing regions, Jumilla, Yecla and Vinalopó, all offering their own distinct wines and the Alicante wine tour is to the closest of these regions, Vinalopó Medio.

Alicante Wine Tour – Starting at around 10:00 passengers are picked up in a minibus from various locations in the Alicante Province before heading to Vinalopó Medio while enjoying the beautiful scenery along the way. They have chosen a bodega that produces a wine that grew to fame during medieval times and is one of only 10 wineries worldwide where you can sample this delicious Fondillón wine.

After a tour of the bodega's production plant and cellars where your tour guide will offer information about the history and manufacturing process in Spanish and English, it's time for tasting. Accompanied by complementary snacks you will get to sample at least three wines and during socialising can decide whether you wish to continue on to have lunch at a popular restaurant in the area or opt to be dropped off. Lunch is at an additional cost but is highly recommended if you wish to sample some of the regions tasty dishes.

Alicante City Tapas Tour

The city of Alicante and its international airport are the gateway to the Costa Blanca and what better way to explore and get to sample the region's cuisine than an Alicante City Tapas Tour.