Lying at the foot of the Serra Mariola and surrounded by natural parks and rivers, the town of Alcoy, also referred to as Alcoi is situated less than an hour's drive inland from the popular seaside resorts of Costa Blanca. Many of the inland areas in the north of the Costa Blanca are blessed with rolling green hills and lush valleys, a very noticeable contrast to the dusty rugged interior of south Costa Blanca. Add to this the surrounding rivers of Barxell, Serpis and Molinar which bring water to this fertile area and it's easy to see why Alcoy is reminiscent of Provence.

Alcoy's Attractions

With its surrounding rivers the town is home to a number of bridges, an attractive sight when lit up at night and lovely for an evening stroll. Places of historic and religious interest include the 12th century Castell de Bartxell, Convent of Sant Augusti, Hermitage of St. Anthony and the town's Archaeological Museum.

Throughout Alcoy there are some fine examples of Architecture, hidden plazas and large squares where visitors will find pleasant roadside cafes, traditional tapas bars and a good choice of restaurants serving both local and international cuisine. Visitors wishing to spend more time exploring the town and beautiful nature of the area have a choice of accommodation from shared dormitory hostels to four star hotels.

Surrounding Attractions

The natural parks of Carrascar de la Font Roja and Serra de Mariola take up much of the areas mountains, plains and valleys with an abundance of picturesque hiking and mountain biking trails just waiting to be explored. The gorges and cliffs of Serra de Mariola also offer opportunities for rock scrambling and climbing where panoramic views abound.

Further stunning views can be found in the nearby Guadalest Valley and its enchanting mountaintop village is one of Spain's most popular attractions. A bit further afield are the fantastic golden sand beaches of north Costa Blanca's holiday resorts and towns and the abundance of attractions and activities of legendary Benidorm.