Private Rental Property

When planning a Costa Blanca holiday, one of the most affordable types of accommodation, especially for large families or groups is private rental property. In the larger coastal towns and cities, if being within a short walk to the beach is a priority then private rental property may be rather hard to find, especially during the summer months when they are often booked years in advance. However, those that don't mind a bit of a lengthy walk or short drive to get to the beach or city centre have a far wider choice of private rental property available.

Property Types

The smaller towns and villages on the Costa Blanca have far less high rise buildings, hotels and holiday apartments, with the town and village centres comprising mainly shops, cafes, bars, restaurants and commercial businesses, and surrounding residential areas making up the bulk of private homes. Here you will usually find a good choice of townhouses, cottages, bungalows and villas, often with private gardens and swimming pools. Renting a property with a private pool and large gardens and terraces can come at a premium, but if the rent is split between say 5 people as opposed to booking 5 hotel rooms, holidaymakers can still make a saving, and having your own swimming pool makes being close to the beach not such a priority.

A cheaper option is to rent a property in a gated complex which are quite commonplace throughout the Costa Blanca, especially in the towns and cities that have large foreign expat communities. These range from just a dozen or so apartments sharing a small swimming pool to huge sprawling affairs with a mix of apartments, townhouses, bungalows and villas where residents share numerous swimming pools, tennis courts, gardens, parks and children's playgrounds, some even boasting bars and restaurants within the complex.

Rental Options

Owners offering private rental property will often seek the services of an estate or letting agent which is convenient for a number of reasons. A lot of the time the owner doesn't live in Spain so using an agent is a necessity as they are in charge of the keys, do all the advertising, property viewings, before and after holiday cleans, and are usually available to sort out any emergency call outs for plumbing, electric etc. This saves the property owner a lot of time and effort but someone has to pay for this service, and usually it's the person renting the property. The owner will tell the agent what rent they're prepared to accept and the agent will add their commission on top to cover their costs, and make a tidy profit.

However, there are still many owners who do live here and own a second property which they rent out, or have friends and neighbours who will hold keys for them and make sure all is in order when occupants arrive for their holiday. So, renting direct from the owner is possible and the best way to find these properties is either word of mouth or ads in local Facebook groups.

Holiday Apartments

Holiday apartments can be found throughout the Costa Blanca and are the most popular accommodation choice, with many Spanish and foreign visitors owning their own apartments in the area.