Thrill seeking visitors to the Costa Blanca who fancy hitting speeds of 100 km/hour on Europe's highest standing water slide should not miss a visit to Aqualandia. Situated on the outskirts of Benidorm and covering an area of 150,000 sq/m, Aqualandia water park is set in lovely parkland boasting tropical gardens, lakes, pools, waterfalls and rivers with an excellent selection of slides and rides to suit all age groups. Its 50,000 sq/m parking lot is free to customers and has ample parking spaces including disabled parking.

Aqualandia Services

The park provides a wide range of services to ensure visitors have a safe and memorable day out. Slides are monitored by trained staff who keep a watchful eye and make sure riders meet the height restrictions imposed on the faster rides. There is information, lost & found and first aid departments, ablutions with showers, change rooms and lockers, photo booth, currency exchange, ATM and a souvenir shop.

An added bonus of the park, especially for those on a tight budget or with large families is the availability of picnic and BBQ areas where guests are welcome to bring their own food and drink providing it is not in tin or glass containers. Alternately, Aqualandia has a good selection of eateries including a large self service restaurant, bar, snack bar, cafe, pizzeria, burger bar and several refreshment stands serving ice creams, waffles and soft drinks.

Aqualandia Attractions

  • Verti-Go – Made up of 2 vertical slides measuring 28 and 33 metres where riders enter a capsule at the top and are then released into freefall, achieving speeds of up to 100 km/h before the slides level out into the pool below.
  • Big Bang – Here riders can choose from 4 slides, 2 of which have long vertical sections where riders gain great speed and the other 2 with shorter verticals and bumps along the way.
  • Smooth Slide – This is a series of 5 slides next to each other with a humps on the way down that is great fun for groups who want to race each other.
  • Zig Zag – As the name suggests, these 2 slides cross each other in a series of dizzying twists, turns, humps and bumps. There is also a Mini Zig Zag for the young ones.
  • Black Hole – A totally enclosed slide that hurtles riders through a number of swooping bends in total darkness, making for a totally disorientating ride.
  • Rapids – A fun slide where riders using rubber tubes are washed down a series of waterfalls into slow pools before entering the next section of rapids.
  • Laguna – Fantastic fun for the little ones in this wonderland water playground with fountains, slides, bridges, water guns and trampolines.
  • Niagara – Hidden caves await behind waterfalls in this relaxing tropical lake with islands, swimming and sunbathing areas.
  • The Amazon – A gently flowing river that meanders its way through the park with fountains and shady spots where visitors can swim or float along on tubes.
  • Grand Jacuzzi – This is a wonderful area of the park to relax and catch your breath between rides, with fountains, water massage and Jacuzzi.
  • Wave Beach – The park's most popular area for fun and relaxation with sunbathing areas and a lovely big wave pool, perfect for all the family.

Aqua-Park Rojales

Slightly inland on the Costa Blanca and bordering the towns of Rojales and Quesada is the superb Aqua-Park Rojales. Set in pleasant parkland occupying an area of over 20,000 sq/m with gardens, pools, terraces, children's lake, restaurants and shady picnic areas, the park offers thrilling slides and fun adventures to suit all ages.