Alicante City Tapas Tour

The city of Alicante and its international airport are the gateway to the Costa Blanca and what better way to explore and get to sample the region's cuisine than an Alicante City Tapas Tour. Tapas are not just food to the Spanish but a way of life that has been a tradition in the country for centuries. In Spain it is uncommon to have an alcoholic drink without some sort of food to accompany it, as they drink more to socialise here and very seldom get drunk. Sadly the tradition of serving a free tapa with your drink is dying out with mass tourism, and many tapas bars in the popular holiday resorts will charge for their tapas.

Alicante is a great city to explore and throughout its streets, plazas and squares you will find tapas bars serving an excellent selection of these tasty bites, although in the more traditional ones where the locals hang out you may not know what you are ordering or how to go about it. Mandarinablue Tours are located in Alicante and offer a number of fun and interesting tours that enable visitors to get to know the attractions and traditions of various regions. Their Alicante City tapas tour is one of the more fun ones and allows visitors to try a variety of dishes they may not think to order if visiting a bar on their own.

Alicante City Tapas Tour – All are welcome on the tour but under 18's will only be served soft drinks. Starting at the city's famous Esplanada de Espana either at lunch or dinner time, the tour duration is between 3 to 4 hours and conducted in Spanish and English. During the tour you will get to see some of the attractions and highlights of the city while visiting 3 tapas bars popular with the locals. In each bar the group are served with a drink and tapa each and are encouraged to share in order to try as many tastes as possible. Your guide will explain the ingredients and the polite way to order, and for the extra hungry or thirsty, you are welcome to order more food and drink at an extra cost so long as you don't slow up the rest of the group.

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