Summer Camps

Summer camps in Costa Blanca are a superb way for children to learn Spanish and have great fun at the same time, meeting new friends, discovering different cultures and practising a choice of sporting disciplines. The biggest difficulty most people face when deciding to move to a foreign country is the language barrier, and it is a proven fact the older you get the harder it becomes to learn a new language. As children our minds are still a relatively blank canvas and we take in new information a lot easier than when we are older and more set in our ways.

With Spanish being the second most widely spoken language in the world, it is a natural choice when thinking of learning a new language or having our children learn a new language. The problem is to get children to concentrate on language learning when they already have their school workload and homework to do. This is the major benefit of summer camps in Costa Blanca, where children are taught outside of normal school term so they don't miss any of their schoolwork and don't miss the fun, games, sports and excursions they would normally enjoy during summer holidays. There are two excellent summer camps in Costa Blanca that offer Spanish tuition combined with different fun activities to keep the young ones keen.

Zador Spain

Based in Alicante City just 10 minutes walk from the beach, Zador Spain have been running their summer camps in Costa Blanca since 1990 and also have a second language school in Vitoria, northern Spain. They offer all sorts of basic and combined courses for adults, teachers, teens, children and even language holidays for families. Their summer camps for children are for ages 8 to 13 years and are for a period of between 2 to 6 weeks duration. There are a choice of sports to combine with lessons and each course also has fun games, activities and at least one full day excursion per week. Full board accommodation is with host families located within walking distance from the school.

Spanish & Tennis Camp – This camp is aimed at children with prior tennis abilities who are already playing in tennis tournaments or are registered in a tennis academy. The camp is focused on a high frequency of training sessions lasting 3.5 hours a day, 5 days per week combined with 3 daily Spanish lessons and fun activities each day.

Spanish & Water Sports Camp – With the sea on the doorstep and fantastic warm weather, this is one of the school's most popular camps that offers 3 hours a day, 5 days a week of combined canoeing, windsurfing and sailing practice, and 3 afternoon Spanish lessons per day as well as free time games, activities and excursions.

Spanish & Football Camp – This camp is only offered for 2 or 4 weeks in duration where budding young football stars will have 3.5 hours of football training, 5 days per week and 3 daily Spanish lessons with free time for games and activities.

Spanish & Multi-Activity Camp – Ideal for young ones who are not seriously into a particular sport where children have 4 hours of fun activities per day that include swimming, football, athletics, volleyball, basketball and various games, combined with 3 daily Spanish lessons.

These summer camps in Costa Blanca are all run by professional teachers, monitors and sports trainers and there is a nurse to take care of minor injuries and ailments as well as monitor any special dietary requirements during snack and lunch times. Host families are all informed of these requirements for all other meals. Rest breaks, games, competitions and fun activities are organised daily and each week the children will get a half and full day exciting excursion.

Lope de Vega International School

Located in a residential area 1.5 kilometres from Benidorm's popular Levante Beach, Lope de Vega was founded in 1956 and is now recognised as one of the top international schools in Spain. Unlike Zador Spain where children live off campus with host families and take their lessons and sporting activities at different venues, the accommodation, Spanish lessons and social activities at Lope de Vega are all located in the school campus. Summer camp is offered to boys and girls aged 8 to 13 and the camp staff are all qualified professionals including a school nurse. Classroom groups are maximum 15 students in order to ensure each student gets individual attention should they need it.

Spanish Lessons – All children's learning skills are catered for and divided into 6 levels, from beginner to advanced and on the first day of camp each child is assessed and given a placement test to determine which language level they should go in. If struggling or excelling at a certain level during camp, children can be put into another level that best suits them. The summer camp is attended by both Spanish and English speaking students and lessons are offered in both languages which gives students a far better chance to learn from each other during free time games and activities. There are 20 classes per week, 9:30 – 12:30 from Monday to Friday.

Sports & Activities – Activities take place after lessons in the afternoon and in the evening after dinner with free time, lunch and snack breaks in between. These include games, competitions, sports, music, dance and various fun workshops with the activities programmes being changed each week in order to keep fun time varied and interesting. During activities there will be at least one monitor for every 12 students and there are also weekly half and full day excursions to Benidorm's beaches, water parks, theme parks and neighbouring Altea.

Accommodation & Meals – The campus has modern, comfortable residence halls for students who will be assigned rooms according to age and sex. Rooms are either for 2 or 4 students with private bathrooms and air conditioning, and student monitors sleep near the student rooms to ensure they are safe at all times and don't get up to any mischief. Each day students are given breakfast, lunch, mid afternoon snack and dinner, and all meals are carefully prepared and nutritionally balanced by the qualified kitchen staff. Meal rotas are also checked daily by the campus nurse to ensure any students with special dietary requirements are taken care of.

Stand Up Paddle

Visiting the beautiful Costa Blanca offers holidaymakers a superb choice of activities and with its diverse coastline, water sports such as stand up paddle (SUP) are a popular way to explore the rocky coves, soaring cliffs and tranquil bays.