Throughout the sunny Costa Blanca, both along the coast and inland visitors can enjoy a superb range of fun and exciting activities. Whether you're a single traveller, family or group of friends the choice of things to do during a holiday here offers something for everyone. It's not really that long ago when the popular towns and cities on the Costa Blanca were either non existent or just small villages where visitors could spend sunny days on the beach, maybe enjoy a bit of fishing or a round or two of golf and in the evenings choose from a small handful of bars, cafes and restaurants for a bit of entertainment. When the package holiday boom took off that all changed and the limited choice of activities saw a staggering increase, especially in the coastal resorts like Benidorm where these days you could try a different activity every day of the year.

Water Sports & Activities

With its many miles of beautiful and diverse coastline, water sports are extremely popular on the Costa Blanca and can be enjoyed all year round, with many of the larger resort hotels offering heated indoor swimming pools and luxurious spas. Most keen surfers, windsurfers and kite surfers take advantage of the favourable winter wind and water conditions to enjoy their hobby, and winter is also the best time for spear fishing which is the season for many fish species and also the time to harvest delicious sea urchins.

Summertime though really sees the Costa Blanca towns, cities and resorts come alive with hoards of holidaymakers packing the beaches and promenade bars and restaurants, soaking up the sun and enjoying all the available water sports and activities. Families head out on boat trips, snorkelling safaris and scenic kayak excursions while the younger party crowds enjoy the more thrilling activities such as jet ski, parasailing, flyboarding, cable ski and the latest flying fish which is similar to the now old fashioned banana boat, but due to it's flat wing like shape actually takes off and flies through the air as the towboat gains speed. Further water based activities to be found include scuba diving, board and wind sports, river and lake fishing, deep sea fishing, canyoning, coasteering, and if you consider drinking an activity, booze cruises!

Land Based Activities

Talking about booze, one of the most crazy contraptions I have seen is the Benidorm Beer Bike and a must try holiday experience if you are visiting the city that never sleeps. Basically a bar on wheels with a ‘hopefully' sober company rep doing the steering while the beer swilling passengers all help pedalling via a set of pedals under each bar stool; the best and most original way of cruising the beachfront promenades. Other popular activities include go-karts, quad bikes, paintball, laser wars, segway tours, jeep safaris, mountain biking and horse riding.

The Costa Blanca is home to some of the best golf courses in Europe and one of the most popular areas to enjoy a variety of courses within minutes of each other is the Orihuela Costa. Famed for its beautiful Blue Flag beaches and golf holidays, Orihuela Costa lies in the south of the Costa Blanca and is neither a town or city but rather a collection of popular residential areas similar to modern villages with their own shops, shopping centres, bars, clubs and restaurants. The area boasts four excellent 18 hole golf courses, all within a 10 minute drive of each other and several others within 20 minutes drive. The area is also home to two fantastic adventure parks where visitors can enjoy an excellent variety of exciting activities including quad bikes, horse riding, kayaking, paintball, archery, eco buggies, zip-line and swimming.

Costa Blanca Insider

These are just a few of the wonderful activities that can be enjoyed during a holiday or business trip on the Costa Blanca; there are many more including activities in the air like paragliding and hot air ballooning, as well as loads of free activities, nature and cultural pursuits So start browsing and check out all the other great stuff listed on Costa Blanca Insider.