Holiday Apartments

Holiday apartments can be found throughout the Costa Blanca and are the most popular accommodation choice, with many Spanish and foreign visitors owning their own apartments in the area. As many of the smaller towns have height restrictions on their buildings, the majority of high rise apartment blocks are in the larger cities. Compared to hotels, holiday apartments have less strict rules regarding the amount of occupants and therefore are popular with large families and groups, especially in Benidorm where stag & hen parties are common.

Holiday Apartments
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Costa Blanca Holiday Apartments

This type of accommodation can range from a simple fully equipped apartment with no on-site facilities, gardens or swimming pool to fancy affairs that boast all the facilities found in a hotel with the only exception being guests are staying in a self contained apartment rather than a guest room. Most will offer a private balcony and some of the more elaborate ones have bars, cafes, restaurants and a number of leisure facilities such as swimming pools, fitness centres and live adult and child entertainment programmes.

Popular websites such as and as well as the majority of estate agents in Costa Blanca will have extensive lists of holiday apartments available but all will be taking a commission fee. For those wishing to get the best deal possible, it's worth browsing the ever increasing Facebook social and buy & sell groups in the area you are keen on visiting where you can leave a message requesting privately owned holiday accommodation for rent.

By doing this you not only avoid commission charges but will also discover the great range of other private accommodation on offer such as townhouses, bungalows and villas, especially in areas such as the popular Orihuela Costa and smaller coastal towns that don't have many holiday apartment blocks.

Another advantage of searching for accommodation this way is you will find some of the available properties are set in gated communities offering shared facilities such as swimming pools, tennis courts, parks and playgrounds. A final word on gated community facilities; always make sure the owner has paid their community fees or you may find yourself being refused entry to the pool or tennis court etc.

Guest Houses

Unlike the well trodden backpacking trails of southeast Asia where guest houses largely offer soulless, tightly packed rooms with no window and resident cockroaches, Spanish guest houses put the emphasis on guest