Delfin Submarine Museum

The wonderful museums of the Costa Blanca come in all shapes and sizes, some grand examples of architecture, and others quirky affairs such as the Delfin Submarine Museum proudly laying at anchor in Torrevieja's harbour. Donated to the city when it was decommissioned, the Delfin has been lovingly restored and maintained since it was decided to showcase it as a museum, and since its opening in 2004 has attracted a good many visitors through its hatches.

Delfin Submarine Museum
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Delfin Submarine Museum

A Daphne S-61 navel class sub, the Delfin is compact, yet due to its size and weight could negotiate the depths for up to a month without surfacing, achieving distances of over 4000 nautical miles. The compact size of the sub, and fact that it could remain submerged for a month meant the 56 strong crew of these vessels needed to be highly trained and disciplined, both mentally and physically.

Exploring the Museum

In order for visitors to get a true feel for what it must have been like for those brave submariners, the Delfin Submarine Museum has been restored to the original condition it was in during those war days. Torpedo rooms can be seen, ventilation and stability equipment lays alongside miles of wires and cables, the navigation equipment is confusing on the eye and the subs living quarters all show in stark detail how hard life must have been on a long journey.

Opening Hours & Prices

S-61 Delfin Submarine Floating Museum

Address: Muelle Pesquero de Torrevieja, Torrevieja (Inner Harbour)

Opening hours:

October – March: Wednesday to Sunday: 09:00 to 14:00

April – September: Wednesday to Sunday: 17:00 to 21:00

Minimum Height – 1.15cm

Free admission with citizen’s card

Price: Single entry €2

Please note: Price and opening times may be subject to change. On rainy or windy days when the submarine's outer walkways are wet it may be closed to the public.

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