Los Baños de la Reina

Although the Costa Blanca is known for its beautiful golden sand beaches, there are parts of this diverse coastline such as Los Baños de la Reina (Queen's Bath) where visitors can enjoy the history of the area whilst swimming and snorkelling among its ancient fish bins. Situated next to El Campello's marina, Los Baños form part of the Illeta dels Banyets peninsula where there are remains of an ancient Roman fish farm, now an important archaeological site.

Los Baños de la Reina Attractions

Carved into the rocks of the peninsula, the ancient fish bins are made up of 4 interconnecting pools where the sea pours into the main pool via two channels located on each side of it. The other smaller pools are connected by vertical slots where water gates would have been when in operation, thus allowing the factory workers to fill or drain each pool as and when they needed them. Now the pools are a popular tourist attraction and great fun to explore with snorkelling gear, swimming through the narrow channels from one pool to the next. Around the headland of the peninsula is a superb snorkelling route that incorporates the pools and varies in depth from 1 metre to 5 metres, offering lovely views of the underwater flora & fauna.

Surrounding Attractions

Visitors to Los Baños de la Reina don't have far to go for refreshments as Restaurante La Cova lies just behind the old watchtower on the mainland and there are a further two restaurants backing the nearby Playa de la Almadraba. On the other side of the marina is the main town beach known as Playa Hinchables that is backed by a pleasant promenade lined with a good selection of shops, cafes, bars and restaurants, including a Salvador Artesano shoe shop, Spain's most famous footwear manufacturer. El Campello's main claim to fame though is the Valor Chocolate Factory where visitors can enjoy a free tour and chocolate tasting.

Levante Beach

The Costa Blanca's beaches all have their own unique appeal, some for their unspoiled beauty and tranquillity, and others such as Benidorm's popular Levante Beach for its size and abundance of fun activities and excellent facilities.