Playa Flamenca Market

A highlight on Saturday mornings for the residents and holidaymakers in Orihuela Costa, and indeed from many of the surrounding towns and villages, is the excellent Playa Flamenca Market. The large residential area of Playa Flamenca and its superb Blue Flag Award beach are very popular with holidaymakers and expats from Britain, Ireland and Scandinavia, and the area boasts a great choice of individual bars and restaurants catering to these nationalities, as well as a further choice of shops, bars and restaurants located in several commercial centres.

Playa Flamenca Market is a large bustling affair spread all along Calle Nicolas de Bussi, with it's main entrance opposite the popular Celtic Isle Pub that boasts a lovely swimming pool, perfect for a refreshing swim after the heat of the packed market stalls. The market is open every Saturday from around 09.30 – 13.30 and testament to it's popularity, the available parking anywhere near the market fills up quickly so get there early or head down to the nearby Mercadona Supermarket that offers free parking but on market days this too gets full.

Handy Hint

If you are staying close to Playa Flamenca Market and have a vehicle, do not park your car anywhere along Calle Nicolas de Bussi on the Friday night unless you wish to wake up at 4am to remove it as the stall holders start setting up early. Any vehicles parked here will be towed immediately and you will have to pay the tow fee as well as a hefty fine to get it back.

Playa Flamenca Market Stalls

Visitors to the market have an excellent selection of stalls to browse and for many, especially the Spanish customers, the fresh produce stalls provide all the necessary fruit and veg for the week. Here you will also find a wonderful choice of herbs, many varieties of fresh and dried mushrooms, flowers, plants and shrubs. There is both new and second hand clothing, fake designer wear, accessories, superb leather goods, electronics, homeware, furniture, garden furniture and tools, DIY and power tools, arts and crafts, pottery, rugs, embroidery and toys.

Butcher and fishmonger stalls are laden with different cuts of meat, wonderfully fresh fish and delicious seafood, and the delicatessen stalls offer an array of fresh cooked cold meats, cured hams and sausages, pies, bread, rolls, cheeses, pate, pickles and every type of olive and olive oil you can think of. Eventually your nose will lead you to the cooked food stalls where the smells of roasting rotisserie chicken, barbecue ribs and hot sweet ‘churros' will have your mouth watering. A further choice of food and drink is available from the bars and restaurants dotted around the market, and many visitors buy a selection of goodies from the delicatessen or supermarket and enjoy a picnic on Playa Flamenca Beach after shopping.