Alicante Sightseeing Bus

An excellent way for first time visitors to Alicante to explore this lovely city is to hop on an Alicante sightseeing bus, commonly known as the Turibús. Many holidaymakers are put off tourist buses as they don't want to be restricted to following a set route and timetable, but the Alicante Sightseeing Bus is different in the sense that passengers can get on or off any one of the buses at any stop and any time throughout the day.

Turibús Details

The buses are open top double deckers that offer air conditioning on the lower decks and an audio information system broadcasting in 6 different languages. Once passengers have purchased a ticket, this allows them to travel in any direction the bus routes go and to get off at any one of the 10 attractions that the bus stops at during the 50 minute journey.

This enables passengers to complete all 10 attractions in one go or get off at an attraction they wish to explore further and wait for the next bus to come along. With the Alicante Sightseeing Bus running from 10:00 to 19:00 during the summer months, this means passengers can spend time at every one of the 10 attractions if they wish to make a whole day of their bus journeys, offering excellent value for money.

Turibús Itinerary

Bus Times – 1st June to 1st September from 10:00-19:00 approximately every 60 minutes.

Tour Duration – Approximately 50 minutes and a total of 10 stops.

Bus Prices – Adults 13-65 years 10€ / Children under 13 years 5€ / O.A.P's over 65 years 7€.

Turibús Attractions

  • 1 – Puerto Del Mar
  • 2 – Museo MARQ
  • 3 – Parque de la Ereta
  • 4 – Mercado Cenral
  • 5 – Plaza de Luceros
  • 6 – Plaza Calvo Sotelo
  • 7 – Estacion de Ferrocarril
  • 8 – Estacion Autobus
  • 9 – Monumento Canalejas
  • 10 – Inner Harbour

Passengers who wish to get the best views from the Alicante Sightseeing Bus should try to get a seat on the top deck, but don't forget sun protection.

Alicante Airport

Most foreign visitors to sunny Costa Blanca arrive by air and the area is conveniently serviced by both Alicante Airport and Murcia-San Javier Airport.