Sea Fishing in Torrevieja

Wherever you choose to enjoy a holiday on the Costa Blanca you're never far from the wonders of the Mediterranean sea, and for those looking for a bit of adventure sea fishing in Torrevieja makes for an exciting day out. For such a vast area it's surprising how few of the Costa Blanca's lakes offer a day fishing permit, with the majority of permits being annual and usually requiring the help of a translator to complete the relevant forms.

Sea Fishing in Torrevieja
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If you do happen to find a lake where you can purchase a day permit or chance fishing without one, as many of the local residents do, you can face a hefty fine and have all your gear confiscated. If you're all above board and have your permit, being a lake you will know just what fish it stocks so, although good sport and a lot of fun, catching the same species all day is not the most exciting fishing experience.

Sea fishing in Torrevieja is a whole new ‘kettle of fish' (excuse the pun!) as, although you may have an idea of what fish favour certain waters, you never really know what you're going to hook on to, which is truly thrilling and the reason why avid deep sea anglers spend a small fortune and brave all weather in the hope of netting the ‘big one'. Throughout the Costa Blanca's coastal towns and cities you will find boat and fishing charters for hire that offer a variety of fishing options such as trolling, wreck and hard ground fishing, usually aimed at one or two certain species of fish, but even the most experienced anglers are often surprised.

Charter Boat Volante

Visitors to the Costa Blanca can enjoy an exciting day of sea fishing in Torrevieja with charter boat Volante. Based in the city's Marina Internacional and run by English skipper Kevin who has over 30 years experience in deep sea fishing, Volante is a fully licensed and insured Blyth 33 foot catamaran that is exceptionally stable at sea and can accommodate up to 12 passengers and 2 crew, with kitchen facilities, sun shade and ablutions. They offer four different fishing trips as well as private charter.

Trolling For Bonito And Dolphin Fish – Trolling is one of the most thrilling forms of fishing and when using lures as opposed to bait, one of the easiest. During the day Volante will cover about 50 miles with passengers casting lures from the back of the boat and leaving them to troll, which means once you've cast your lure it's just a matter of sitting back and waiting for that bite. That's the easy part and the excitement comes when you see these magnificent fish start to chase the lure so be prepared for a fight once you hook one!

Wreck Fishing – Old wrecks and disused oil platforms are a favourite hiding and hunting environment for all sorts of fish species, especially conger eels but you will also find smaller sea bream and mackerel and on occasion grouper that can grow to epic proportions. This type of fishing is usually in deep waters and can depend on water currents and wind conditions, but wherever Volante lays anchor you can be assured of a great days fishing.

Hard Ground & Inshore Wreck Fishing – This fishing trip is generally closer to shore so requires a lot less travel time and usually lasts about 5 hours. Hard ground fishing on light tackle is a challenge but being closer to shore the fish tend to be smaller yet more numerous so be prepared for some hard work once they start biting. Hooking into a larger fish on light tackle will really test your skills and can take some time to land the fish without it breaking the line, making for an interesting day.

Fishing For Eagle Ray – Sea fishing in Torrevieja doesn't get much better than fishing for eagle rays, making this Volante's most popular fishing trip. Although the aim is to find and catch the bigger rays up to 100 kilograms, passengers not keen to spend hours trying to land these hard fighting fish can opt to use lighter gear for smaller species such as octopus, sea bream and the smaller sting rays. If you're lucky enough to hook one of the larger eagle rays be prepared for some exercise, but if you are not one of the stubborn few that refuse any help you can always hand over to one of the other passengers whilst you rest those aching shoulders and arms!

Private Boat Charter – A day or half day out on the Med with a group of friends is super fun and allows you to choose your itinerary. So, whether it's fishing, cruising the stunning coastline, chilling with a few drinks and a BBQ (facilities on the boat), snorkelling in hidden sea caves or a combination of all the above, Volante will supply the boat, equipment and skipper, leaving you and your group to just enjoy your day.

All the sea fishing in Torrevieja boat trips offered by Charter Boat Volante include equipment, tackle, bait and a certain number of hot and cold drinks. There are kitchen and BBQ facilities on the boat so passengers can bring along a picnic or packed lunch of their choosing; within reason as Volante is not a no holds barred ‘booze cruise' 🙂

Sea Fishing in Denia

Northern Costa Blanca is home to some of the most dramatic coastal scenery in Spain and visitors to the area can enjoy these wonderful views when sea fishing in Denia.