Terra Mitica Theme Park

Theme parks are one of the greatest thrills to enjoy during a holiday and Spain's lovely Costa Blanca boasts a good selection including the spectacular Terra Mitica Theme Park. Set in a vast area of parkland on the outskirts of Benidorm, the park features thrills galore among its gardens, pools and lakes as well as excellent services and a great choice of bars, restaurants and snack kiosks. There are also a number of gift, photo and souvenir shops for visitors to treasure their memories of Terra Mitica Theme Park.

Terra Mitica Theme Park
Source: Flickr / Jeremy Thompson

Terra Mitica Theme Park

The parks lush gardens and realistic buildings, rides and show areas have all been meticulously planned and built to depict the ancient times of Greece, Rome and Egypt where even the smallest details have been thought of. The exciting shows are all performed by experienced actors, dancers and acrobats dressed in wonderful costumes and accompanied by the latest audio, visual and lighting equipment.

Egypt Rides & Shows

Nile River – With the Costa Blanca's scorching hot summers, Terra Mitica Theme Park have thoughtfully included pools, lakes and water parks as well as many rides involving water. Nile River offers a lagoon with Jacuzzi's and fountains to relax in and water slides for the kids.

Nile Falls – A refreshing water roller coaster which plummets down two steep waterfalls giving riders a thorough soaking and if that's not enough, the second waterfall is negotiated backwards to ensure everyone gets wet. Akuatiti is a similar ride better suited to young ones.

Port Of Alexandria – This is the park's main lake and waterway where visitors can take a choice of two leisurely cruises and enjoy a rest before tackling the other rides.

El Carro De Hamal – Riding their crazy chariot, this hilarious duo of street performers cruise the park bringing fun and dance wherever they go.

Greece Rides & Shows

Synkope – One of the most thrilling rides at Terra Mitica Theme Park that gives glimpses of mountain and sea as riders swing and spin on this huge disc at speeds of 90 km/h.

Kinetos's Temple – The temple is home to an amazing 5D Cinema that screens 4 different movies throughout the day and is a glorious assault on all the senses.

Labyrinth Of The Minotaur – The young ones go wild for this roller coaster with a difference, that tends to get adults rather excited too as it makes its way through the labyrinth of tunnels with mythological creatures at every twist and turn that riders need to shoot with laser guns.

Titanide – If you don't think spinning at 90 km/h was exciting enough then try dangling beneath this roller coaster as it free falls in terrifying descents, twists, turns and performs 360 degree loops at speeds of 100 km/h.

The Icaruses – Since the very first fun fairs, the flying chairs or danglers as some of us oldies call them have been a huge hit with kids. Icaruses has 3 rows of swings allowing for large groups to enjoy the views while spinning around.

Hercules – A fantastic show of dramatic music and nail biting performances where the mighty son of Zeus takes on all as he performs one of the 12 challenges set before him.

The Magical Journey – A delightful show for the young ones featuring two happy go lucky travellers who reenact their adventures with mime, song and dance.

Rome Rides & Shows

Rotundus – This is a sweet little merry go round, brightly coloured and with carriages in the shape of birds suitable for the youngest visitors to Terra Mitica Theme Park.

Flight Of The Phoenix – One of the park's shortest rides that is pure adrenaline inducing terror as riders plunge 54 metres in pure free fall reaching 100 km/h in just 3 seconds. Ayquesustus is a similar ride but drops from only 6 metres so the young ones can feel the butterflies too.

Tornado – The park's newest attraction that offers the ultimate flying chair experience as riders dangle from an 80 metre tower as the swings rotate as well as traveling up and down.

Inferno – A roller coaster like no other where the riders seats are mounted on a swivel system so at each new loop and turn the seats are constantly spinning in all directions.

Neron – A wonderful experience for all ages as circus performers and acrobats reenact a grand reception for the slightly crazed Nero, who after feasting and drinking becomes drunk with power and alcohol and decides he wants to burn Rome to the ground.

The Tournament – More fun and hilarity, this time from the black knight and his trusty but crazy sidekick who, after conquering enemies in Greece and Rome decide to set off around the world in search of further challenges and adventures.

Restaurants & Shops

  • Pica Picae – This buffet style self service restaurant is the largest in Terra Mitica Theme Park with seating for 750 diners and a superb array of tasty dishes to choose from.
  • Burguer Mitica – Food on the go, or sit and enjoy a choice of burgers, sandwiches, pizza, kebabs and baguettes.
  • Via Apia – A great selection of appetisers and pasta dishes can be enjoyed in this Italian restaurant followed by delightful desserts.
  • Saqqara – A fast food restaurant offering all the favourites such as pizza, hot dogs and burgers.
  • Ice Cream Shop – This cafe style eatery serves delicious waffles, pastries and cakes as well as cold drinks, coffee and of course, a good selection of Carte d'Or ice cream.
  • Shops – The park is home to a variety of shops where visitors can purchase gifts, souvenirs, clothing, toys, sweets and photos of themselves on some of the rides.

Terra Mitica Theme Park has various opening dates and times throughout the year and different prices for junior, adult, senior and group visitors. There are a choice of package deals that include a meal and some tickets can be purchased online at a reduced rate.

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