Rio Safari Elche

Situated between the towns of Elche and Santa Pola, the fabulous Rio Safari Elche offers super fun for all the family and the chance to get close to some of the world's most loved animals. Set in an area of forest and parkland with a reptile cave and kids favourite chimpanzee island, Rio Safari Elche boasts various attractions and activities, picnic areas, cafe and restaurant. Visitors can choose to tour the various animal enclosures and areas on foot or hop on the safari train for a guided tour of the park.

Rio Safari Elche
Source: Flickr / Antonio Martinez Sanchez

Rio Safari Elche Facilities

Cafe & Restaurant – Walking around this vast park can work up an appetite and visitors can either bring along a packed lunch to enjoy in one of the picnic areas, choose from a selection of snack items in the cafe or tuck into a choice of local and international meals in the restaurant.

Safari Train – The train runs throughout the day, passing through some of the animal enclosures and stopping at various places along the way making it possible for passengers to get on and off at leisure.

Swimming Pool Area – Open from June to September, here visitors can enjoy the water slide into the main pool, relax on the sun loungers around the terraces or paddle with the young ones in the kids pool.

Go-Kart Track – Fun for all the family with a choice of karts including adult karts, cadet karts, child karts, little electric cars and motorbikes and dual karts for 2 persons. There are also trampolines for the young ones to burn off some energy.

Animal Zones

Tigers Temple – A rare chance to see these majestic creatures in a specially created area surrounded by water as, unlike any other feline species, tigers love to swim.

Crocoland – Feeding time is when you will get to hear these fearsome reptiles making their scary grunting sounds as they anticipate the meal to come.

African Savannah – Here visitors can view two types of giraffe, the reticulate giraffe and the Angolan giraffe, distinguishable by the different markings on their coats.

Reptile Cave – Rio Safari Elche have done a superb job of recreating various ecosystems in this lifelike cave where visitors may be lucky enough to see the chameleons change colour depending what surface their on, as well as collections of snakes and caimans.

Chimpanzee Island – A family favourite where these endearing creatures have an excellent area of swings, ropes, trees and hammocks to play in that is connected by a tunnel to a further indoor area where the chimps prefer to sleep.

Educative Farm – This is a lovely area of the park where children can pet and feed a variety of farm animals while learning about their habits and the day to day care required to keep them healthy and happy.

Rio Safari Elche Shows

Zoom In Zone – The care and upkeep of wild animals is no easy task and in this multi species zone visitors are shown the skills and training it takes to look after a variety of animals.

Parrot Show – A colourful display of these highly intelligent birds where you can learn more about their natural environment and watch them show off their tricks and skills.

Sea Lion Pool – Here visitors are treated to a fantastic show as the trainers and sea lions perform a variety of clever tricks, flips, jumps and dives. For an extra charge it is also possible for visitors to enjoy a 35 minute session playing and swimming with the sea lions.

Rio Safari Elche Opening Times & Prices

Rio Safari Elche is open daily and times vary between winter and summer. October – May 10:00 – 18:00, June and September 10:30 – 19:00, July and August 10:00 – 20:00. Adult price (12 – 65 years) 22.50€, children (3 – 12) 17.00€, seniors (0ver 65) 17.00€, children under 3 free. There are also a variety of promotions and discounts.

Please note: All prices may be subject to change.

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