The Giant Roldán

The Spanish are wonderful storytellers and will take any anomaly, rumour or wife's tale and turn it into a magical story of knights and chivalry, such as the tale of Benidorm Island. It starts with the mysterious looking gap in the summit of Puig Campana that can be seen for miles when driving into Benidorm.

As the Spanish will have you believe it, the gap was carved out of the mountain by the sword of the legendary giant, Roldán. The poor man was so sad after hearing a mysterious voice which hinted his wife would die once the last rays of sunshine set behind the mountain. Crazed with grief he decided he would carve the mountain to the ground so that she may live for a precious few more minutes, but sadly only managed one mighty blow cleaving the chunk from the mountain which landed in the sea, later to be named Benidorm Island.

Benidorm Island Attractions

Well, now you have a story to tell your young ones, why not visit the island which is home to a large peacock population, giving it its other name of Peacock Island. Boat trips are offered from Benidorm Port in the Old Town that run approximately every 50 minutes. The scenic journey takes about 20 minutes and passengers can take any one of the boats for the return trip, so visitors can spend as much time as they like exploring the craggy coves and cliffs.

A favourite part of the trip with the young ones, which is included in the ticket price is a thrilling 15 minute ride on Aquario, a mini submarine like boat with glass viewing portals revealing the lovely marine life below the waves. Once on Benidorm Island visitors can swim, sunbathe, snorkel or explore the flora & fauna among the nature trails that offer lovely viewing points. When wondering the nature trails or enjoying a picnic in one of the secluded bays, keep in mind the island is a Protected National Park so leave only your footprints 🙂

Archaeological Museum of Alicante

Located in the Plaza Dr. Gómez Ulla, the fantastic Archaeological Museum Of Alicante is also referred to as MARQ (Museo Arqueológico de Alicante) and set in a grand building with a surprisingly modern interior.