Cable Ski

Seaside holidays and water sports go hand in hand, and with a glorious coastline of sun kissed beaches and popular resorts and coastal cities, the Costa Blanca is a superb vacation choice for visitors wanting to try their hand at water activities such as cable ski. Some of us have been lucky enough to have done a bit of water skiing when on holiday but it is usually practised on lakes that accommodate the sport or at sea in less populated areas.

For cities such as Benidorm or Torrevieja where the beach areas see thousands of visitors per day and the sea is packed with swimmers and snorkelers, water skiing can be extremely dangerous, and even inside the cordon buoys where water vessels are not permitted, skiers still need to be wary of the jet skis and jet boats bombing past at high speeds. Cable ski provides a safe alternative where skiers can practise the sport in protected areas.

How Cable Ski Works

The concept of cable skiing, as the name suggests uses cables with a grab bar that the skier holds on to and is then pulled through the water by motorised pulleys that the cable is attached to, creating almost the same effect as being pulled by a boat. It also allows a number of skiers to be towed at the same time and the ability to try a number of other water sports such as wake boarding, wake skating and knee boarding. Skiing arenas usually offer all the facilities of a conventional skiing lake such as slalom courses and ski ramps for skiers to practice stunts.

Cable Ski Costa Blanca

Cable-Ski Benidorm – Based in the Rincon de Loix area of Benidorm's Levante Beach, Cable Ski Benidorm is set in a 1000 square metre private perimeter where total novices and experienced skiers can enjoy a choice of twin skis, mono ski, knee board, wake skate, and wake board. They offer a brief training session on stance and how to remain standing for those that just want to give it a go, as well as lessons for those who wish to become more proficient.

La Bocana – Based in Torrevieja's marina area, La Bocana Water Sports Centre is set in a designated safe area of 6,000 metres with 170 metres of cable and even a ski jump for the more daring skiers. They also offer a choice of twin ski, mono ski and wake board as well as a number of other water sports such as stand up paddle and kayaking. There is an open air snack bar with terrace seating that is built on stilts right over the water so you can watch all the action while enjoying an ice cold drink or meal.

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