HCB Salus Albir

Forming part of Clínica Benidorm's chain of outpatient clinics, HCB Salus Albir is a renown medical centre bringing professional private healthcare to the Marina Baixa region. The clinic adheres to the same principals and values of Clínica Benidorm, only on a smaller scale and purely on an outpatient basis. The clinic cares for both national and international patients and its medical staff are of various nationalities making it easier to communicate in a variety of languages including Spanish, English, German, Russian and a variety of Scandinavian languages. Opening times for HCB Salus Albir are Monday to Friday from 09:00 – 18:00 and the clinic is located on Av. del Albir 78.

HCB Salus Albir Services

General & Family Medicine – Most patients visiting the clinic will initially be seen by a general practitioner who's main objective is the premature detection of serious illnesses and preventative healthcare. Patients visiting a general practitioner usually have none urgent or serious medical conditions and common childhood ailments, however if required patients will be referred to another member of the clinic's medical team who cover a wide range of medical specialities or surgical procedures.

Infirmary – Many minor injuries and ailments are referred to the infirmary where the team of highly trained nurses are qualified to deal with these conditions, administer injections, change dressings, monitor ongoing patient treatments and accompany patients to other departments.

These two services take up the bulk of the clinic's outpatient visitors although HCB Salus Albir offers other specialist departments including physiotherapy, cardiology, ophthalmology, trauma, foot surgery, laboratory services, conventional radiology and clinical analysis. Patients conditions that can't be treated at HCB Salus Albir will be referred to Clínica Benidorm.

Albir In Brief

National and international patients visiting HCB Salus Albir specifically for outpatient treatments can spend leisure time on the town's sandy beach that offers a variety of facilities and wheelchair access. Albir's famous beachfront promenade is named Paseo de las Estrellas (walk of the stars) due to the commemorative plaques embedded into the walkway that represent the film stars who have won awards at the popular Albir Film Festival. Here visitors will find a number of bars and restaurants to enjoy refreshments, with a further choice of establishments dotted around the town.

HCB Salus Albir

Situated on Av. Diputación, HCB Calpe Internacional forms part of Clínica Benidorm's chain of outpatient clinics bringing private healthcare to the Marina Alta region.